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The following article was contributed by Susan Harper.
Things to Do: Take To The Saddle in Sequoia National Forest
by Contributor Susan Harper

The Corral Creek Resort is uniquely surounded by the Sequoia National Forest, making it the perfect place to stay whilst you enjoy some invigorating outdoor pursuits.  There's no outdoor activity more invigorating than taking to your saddle and mountain biking through the beautiful scenery of the Sequoia National Forest, with the dappled sunshine passing through the trees.  No matter whether you're an experienced mountain biker or completely new to the sport, you'll find the right track for you in the Sequoia National Forest.  Thinking of giving it a try?  Here are a few hints and tips:

Bring Your Own Bike

It is worth noting that there is nowhere to rent bikes inside Sequoia National Forest, so if you're planning a cycling trip in the area it is recommended that you bring your own bike with you.  Experts are likely to already have their own bike and bycycle insurance prepared before they travel, but if you're a novice than you may want to consider hiring bikes for the duration of your stay and bringing them with you.  This is a much more affordable way to try mountain and off road biking for the first time, without having to invest significantly in a lot of expensive equipment.  You should alos ensure you have adequate cycle insurance and medical insurance before undertaking hyour fist ride.  if you are traveling a significant distance to stay at the hotel then you could also consider hiring your bike equipment from the nearby town of Kernville where you will find a mountain and river store renting bikes for either full or half days.

Be Prepared!

Like a boy scout, it's important to be prepared before you embark on a long bike ride.  To help you make the most of your day, and prevent any accidents or disappointment, remember to ensure you have a bicycle pump and puncture repair kit with you when you depart.  You should also ensure you ride with a bottle of water or two to ensure you remain hydrated throughout the day.  Each room in the Corral Creek Resort features a fully-stocked kitchenette, making it easy to prepare a sandwich or other snacks and take a picnic lunch with you on your bike ride.  The ability to stop and have lunch whenever you fancy is liberating, and you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to scenic picnic spots on your journey.  Finally, don't forget to carry your driver's license with you whenever you take an extended bike ride, or make a laminated card that includes your name, address, phone number, and emergency contact number.  Keep it all in a visible, easy-to-find spot, like the outside pocket of your backpack, so that in the unlikely event that you're in an accident or need any assistance when you're out and about your details will be easy to access and someone will immediately be able to let your friends or family members know where you are.

Follow the Rules

The National Park Service has very specific rules about riding bikes within national parks and forests, and it is important to understand these before you head off on your bike for an adventure.  When in the Sequoia National Park (and any other national park within the United States) all bikes have to stick to the roads, and aren't allowed to ride on any of the hiking trails.  Great if you're looking for a gentle ride, but not much fun if you enjoy adventurous off roading.  In the Sequoia National Forest there are more options for where you can take a ride: Ask a ranger which trails permit bicycles.  In both areas it's important that you ride carefully, especially when you are near pedestrians and horses.  if you're travelling as a family, or with other youngsters then it is also worth noting that people under 18 must wear a helmet.  Above all, remember that you're here to have fun!  As long as you stick to the designated cycle trails and remember to be respectful to other visitors you're sure to have a fanastic time!